Infrared scanning can be very revealing. It can detect a wide range of defects. The advantage is infrared cameras can detect defects that used to require removing a wall surface to find a problem. They are very accurate, instant and can save thousands of dollars in destructive investigations.

Here are some of the uses:

1. Determine if an electrical motor, circuit or equipment is overloaded or running too hot.
2. Missing or inadequate insulation.
3. Moisture behind walls or in flooring. Even through carpet and tile.
4. Wet walls behind stucco, vinyl or aluminum siding.
5. Leaking pipes inside a wall or ceiling.
6. Heating or air conditioning loss at the exterior, windows, doors, attic, etc.
7. Overheated electrical wiring in walls, switches, outlets or light fixtures.
8. Extreme water temperatures that may be dangerous.
9. Mice or Rat nests inside walls or ceiling.
10. Scan large areas almost instantly.

This service is used by private homeowners, goverment. manufacturing, disaster restoration, building investigations.

We are Certified ISO 9000 Building Science Infrared Thermographers

Mold has become a very serious issue over the last 5-6 years due to high profile law suits involving millions of dollars in settlements.  Some houses are so bad that they have to be burned down to prevent possible contamination of surround properties.     

There are 2 basic types of tests: Swab and Air Quality samples.  The swab is used when visible mold is present and you are interested in finding out if it contains toxins or micotoxins. Swabs do not tell you the amount of concentration, only the types of mold.

Air sampling requires a minimum of 2 samples. One must be taken outdoors, to create a baseline, and the a minimum of one sample indoors. These tell you the types of molds and also their relative volume or percentage. Highly recommended for those suffering mystery illnesses or allergies.

Stucco evaluations and testing have become very popular in the Real Estate industry. Most of the homes across the Wasatch Front were built between 1990 and 1999. This was a boom time for builders with neighborhoods springing up on every piece of vacant land. 

With the rush to build came shortcuts.... Of those shortcuts, Stucco has suffered the most over the years. Add to this the lack of oversite by the building officals and unqualified installers and you now have over 90% of the stucco homes, built during the 90's, with minor to major stucco problems.

An intrusive stucco inspection includes an Infrared scan of the interior walls along with drilling and probing the stucco to determine acutal moisture content of the plywood and degree of rot.

While this test costs around $495.00 it could save you thousands and thousands of dollars later if you buy a home with major stucco problems.

It is our experience that the average two story stucco home can cost between $17,000-$30,000 if all the stucco has to be removed and replaced.

Protect your investment by getting the stucco tested.

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